4 Tips to achieve the perfect wedding day

We know how much time, effort and planning goes into making your day as perfect as possible. We also know that even after all the hard work has been done, it is common for brides to sometimes feel somewhat overwhelmed with everything that is going on around them. So in order to save you from feeling overwhelmed, here are a few of our insider tips on things that shouldn’t be overlooked to ensure that you fully enjoy all the magic of your special day – Enjoy!


Have a change scarf handy for when you are changing in and out of your dress, or perhaps into a second dress of the day. A change scarf is simply a scarf (or piece of fabric) that you drape over your head while you are putting on your wedding dress. If you have a dress that you ‘step into’ then a change scarf is not necessary, however if your dress needs to be pulled over your head then a change scarf is the perfect tool to ensure that your dress stays make-up free and also that your hair stays in place and doesn’t get caught up on any tags or hooks. It would be a good idea to have one of your bridesmaids in charge of this, someone who will be around when you are needing to get changed in/out of outfits.

2. H2O

Remember to drink water! On a day as busy as your wedding, staying hydrated is probably the last thing on most brides’ minds, but keeping your fluids up can make a world of difference in your overall mood/health on your special day. Throughout the day there will be many opportunities to have some water, a quick sip before walking down the isle, after the ceremony, while out having your photos taken, to list a few. Arrange with someone in charge (ie. wedding planner/venue coordinator/head of catering) to bring you a glass of water every now and then so that you have access to water without having to consciously think about having to hunt some down yourself. As unsuspecting as it might sound, you’ll notice a world of difference a little H2O will make on your big day. Some major benefits include keeping any potential headaches away, keeping yourself hydrated so you can function at your full capacity, as well as helping considerably minimise any hangovers the day after.


On a day as wonderful and exciting as your wedding day, inevitably there will be moments where things can feel a little overwhelming. Rest assured, feeling your way through the spectrum of emotion is a completely normal and most brides will be able to relate; however minimising the stress that comes with your wedding day is more than doable. On a day where you will be constantly surrounded by other people, it can be all too easy to be swept up by having so much going on around you. But it is important to remember that you are entitled to have a moment to yourself when you feel that you need it. Whether it be a few minutes alone in the bathroom to freshen up, or a moment outside to take a few deep breaths and to take in your surroundings. We recommend having some strategies such as these in place that you can call upon during the times where you need to quieten the sensory overload of the day. This ensures that you remain present    and in the moment and that you don’t miss any of the magic!


This is something that most brides will completely overlook until they are faced with the painful task of taking out their bridal ‘do’ at the end of the day. To avoid the hassle of trying to remove what can feel like hundreds of bobby pins, and spend an eternity trying to gently brush out what, by the end of your day, can slightly resemble a rats nest – it’s a good idea to work with your hairstylist to create an up-do that you think looks amazing while also is practical and comfortable. Now don’t get us wrong, having a gorgeous full bodied bun, or a messy boho braid does look incredible, and of course you can choose to have a more elaborate style, however the important thing is to play around with it until you find a look that fits your desired aesthetic while also being relatively easy to take out by yourself at the end of the night. If you really wanted to make your life easier you could kindly ask a close friend or member of your bridal party to help you with this. Planning your  hairstyle with this in mind is a serious game changer, you can thank us later!

Eva Kaszycki