Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest fashion choices you’ll make in your life so we want to help you not make the common mistakes brides make when choosing their wedding dress.

#1 Trying on dresses at a different time of year to your actual wedding

When you’re choosing your wedding dress it’s important that you consider the season of the year your wedding is in and the expected weather for the day. Is your wedding going to be in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring and what is the weather like at that time of year where you are getting married? Ideally you should be trying on dresses in the same city as your wedding at the time of year your wedding will be. This will give you a good idea of what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Don’t make the mistake of trying on a dress during a different season of the year and regretting your choice on your wedding day. For example, a heavy, long sleeve laced dress might feel beautiful in winter, but if your weeding is in Summer it’s not going to be as comfortable as you thought.

#2 Not having a realistic budget

Your budget is such an important factor when planning your wedding and this is just as much true when your choosing your wedding dress. It is amazing how much effort and detail goes into designing and making a wedding dress, so don’t be surprised when you see the price tag – a lot of wedding dresses are like works of art – the take time and creativity to put together. To avoid breaking the budget on your dress, choose a budget that is realistic. Planing a wedding dress budget ahead of time will help you be prepared so that you don’t find ‘The One’ and be disappointed when you see the price tag. It’s important to consider tax, shipping (if necessary) and alterations so that you’re not caught off guard. By pre-deciding your dress budget it will make the shopping process a lot easier!

#3 Not doing your research

One of the mistakes brides make is they go out to find a dress but haven’t done their research to see what types of dress styles they like. Before arriving at a dress shop or meeting with a designer make sure you do your research on dress styles and types. Have an idea of what you like as a starting point because when you arrive, you will likely be asked what type of dress your looking for. Learn the terminology of dress styles and have an idea of what you would like.

#4 Sticking to one dress style

When choosing a wedding dress, a lot of brides will only want to try the one style or shape of dress. But trying on a variety of styles might pleasantly surprise you. Why not keep an open mind and you never know, you might find that a different shape suits you better than what you originally thought.

#5 Inviting anyone and everyone to shop with you

Choosing your wedding dress is possibly one of the biggest fashion decisions you will make – it will be in photos that you will keep forever and probably pass on to your grandchildren. You want to make sure that your dress choice isn’t pressured by too many opinions. Therefore, we recommend inviting people to shop with you that you trust, will have fun with and will not pressure you into making a decision you didn’t want to make.

#6 Only standing when trying on a dress

Although the majority of your wedding day will be spent standing up, you need to make sure that you can move around and sit comfortably in your dress. When you’re trying on dresses, try walking around, stepping up and down and sitting. If you cant easily walk or sit while wearing a dress it might not be the perfect dress for you.


Choose a dress that you feel beautiful in!

You’ll know when you find ‘the one’. It will make you feel beautiful and you probably won’t want to try on any other dresses. Choose the right dress for YOU. This is your day, so wear something you feel special in.


Eva Kaszycki