TOP 4 of the biggest Hair and Makeup mistakes most brides make on their wedding day

How to Avoid the Common Hair & Make Up Mistakes

Your wedding day is one of the most amazing days of your life and we want to make sure you avoid all of the things that could potentially go wrong through out your big day. To help you make sure your wedding day is as seamless and perfect as you’ve dreamed for it to be we spoke to Ashleigh at Lujo Hair and Make Up about the top 4 things that can go wrong with your hair and make up on your wedding day and how to avoid them.

#1 Your make up artist doesn’t understand what look you want

The best way to avoid this problem is to have a trial. Find pictures of the look you would like and communicate clearly with your hair and make up stylist so that there isn’t any confusion. By doing a trial you can see exactly what your hair and make up will look like to avoid having any nasty surprises on the day of your wedding.

#2 The look you wanted doesn’t suit you

The solution to this question comes in hiring an experienced hair and make up artist. Your hair and make up artists should know if a look will suit you or not and will communicate this with you before going ahead with the style. For example, a bronze look might not suit someone with a very fair skin tone. Talk with your stylist to make sure the style you want will work for you. A good way to do this is to break down the individual elements of a look e.g. the eyebrows, the lips, the eye shadow and find a way to create a look that will suit you.

#3 Your hair style isn’t holding because of your hair type

Again, it’s so important to have a trial to avoid this problem. By doing a trial with your hair stylist you’ll find out if it will hold or not. If it doesn’t hold you can schedule another appointment and find a different style that works better for your hair type.

#4 Your make up causes skin irritation

It’s crucial that you test make up before your wedding day to ensure you don’t have a reaction to it. Communicate with your make up artist about any allergies you have or any past skin irritations you might have had due to make up. By being open and talking through any past experiences as well as trialling the make up before your wedding day, you’ll avoid having a reaction on your big day.


Eva Kaszycki